Career at Ortal Digital

Careers at Ortal Digital

Welcome aboard!

We worked hard and managed to assemble a team of professional, experienced and skilled badasses with plenty of talent and years in the game. We decided we won’t provide good or adequate digital marketing services but the best, most comprehensive digital marketing services that get the kind of results that make our clients send us bottles of whisky and plane tickets to Italy (True stories).


We’re always on the lookout for the most talented people to join our family. You should know that professionalism, experience and talent will take you a long way at Ortal Digital, but a grin, a unique personality and a developed sense of humor will do the same.


Think you’ve found your next professional home?
There’s a good chance you’re right!     


Take a look at a few pictures from our office life to understand how much fun we have here, and just below those you’ll be able to see our vacant positions and apply.

Vacant Positions

Campaign Managers for our Tel Mond and Tel Aviv offices

We’re not NASA, a Zoo or a Buddhist monastery, so we’re not looking for hotshots, space ninjas, samurais or animals (lions, dragons, leopards, panthers, what have you). We’re looking for good people with substantial experience of 2-3 years at minimum in managing advertising campaigns on Facebook and other platforms (Google, Outbrain/Taboola, and others).

We’re looking for people who managed all kinds of budgets and clients, wrote ads and got results (and also failed from time to time, because that’s life). In short, we need people who want to enjoy work and be a part of a digital marketing agency that does things a bit differently 🙂

Formal requirements:

Considerable advantages:

(Nice) things that aren't as important to us:

Take note! These positions are either in Tel Aviv or Tel Mond!

So get cracking, click here and apply today

Talented Copywriters

We need talented copywriters whose second nature has been writing ever since they can remember. They need to have experience with the worlds of marketing and advertising, but just as important, they need to have sharp, witty thinking, remarkable ability to express themselves in writing, as well as research skills and quick learning.

What kind of copywriters are we looking for? The kind that knows and understands the world of direct response marketing, or the kind that doesn’t really know what direct response is but runs to Google and returns to us within a week all gung-ho about it. The kind that’s thirsty for learning and thirsty for knowledge.

What do copywriters do here, really?

  • Lots of research! They’re tasked with new fields on a daily basis, and they need to know how to learn fast and write about them convincingly, just as a seasoned expert would.
  • They write articles that make people change their minds or leave details.
  • They plan and write incredible landing pages, the kind that bring excellent leads to salespeople and create sales.
  • They write ads for Facebook, Google, Outbrain and Taboola.

Take note – these are all full-time positions at our Tel Mond and Tel Aviv offices. Sorry, but freelance copywriting isn’t working for us.

Formal requirements:

Considerable advantages:

(Nice) things that aren't as important to us:

Think you have what it takes?? You're welcome to dazzle us with your outstanding writing and apply.

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