Content-based marketing

Content-based marketing

Content is not the king ... he is the emperor of the universe

The truth is, we hate clichés and all this talk about “content is king” gets a little worn out. But, and this is a big but, good content and most importantly – frequent production of good content relevant to the target audiences has been and remains one of the most powerful marketing tools a business is capable of producing. We will also reveal to you a secret, content-based marketing is not exactly an ingenious invention of marketers born with a Like button in hand. Ask the legendary David Ogilvy who did it back in the ’60s.

The problem with content-based marketing is, well – the content!
That you walk around Gordon Beach with headphones dangling from your neck and half-naked old men playing ticks in the background, or an article you ordered online from a “content writer” for ninety shekels is really not content.

So what exactly are we talking about?
We’ll simplify a moment – content is any way you make the life of your target audience a little more pleasant, entertaining, effective, better without you immediately asking for anything in return. It can be Facebook posts, blog articles, YouTube videos or gifs in the story, there is no one formula that suits everyone.

And what is our challenge?
Build this content strategy with you, understand what exactly will make your target audience feel that there is someone I will hire who knows what he is talking about in the field you are in, who is willing to help and fun to hear from and then spread all this goodness. , Understand where and in what form your audience wants and needs to get this content and make sure it reaches the right people.

And what next? We’ll talk about that in the meeting, we do not kiss in the first meeting 😉

How we make good content work for you

Understanding of the audience

Who are the customers we want to bring? Where are they in the digital space and what are they looking for when they get in there and why.

Understanding of the difficulties

What are the problems, the difficulties, the real needs of our target audience - not the obvious ones but rather the ones that can be explained in advance in words (otherwise you will be looking for the answer on Google).

Build the story

What we are able to tell the target audience that will give the appraiser, improve his life and make him understand in subtle but sophisticated ways - that your product or service is the perfect solution for him.

Location and distribution

It can be on your site, in an external blog or a large media website. You can promote content on Facebook, Google, Outbrain, Tabula and emails, or in an intelligent combination of all channels.


This is what interests us and around that we work all the time - to achieve results according to the goals we have set. We will work together to analyze the results, understand what works and what does not, refine the strategy and move on to the next goals.

Wait, don't scroll so fast! Let's talk.

We have the ability to tell your story like never before.
A short meeting, get into work and very soon you will discover that not the content is the king, but you