Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

We're less into big words
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Strategy is such a big word. People love using it, and so few know what it means. When people talk about strategy, they usually add a few nice terms such as customer journey or marketing funnel and other buzzwords, and it all sounds lovely and great, and even true, but it’s not all that practical. See, we can talk about influencers and hashtags and Instagram stories until the cows come home, but if it’s not translated into something actionable, what good is it?

So let’s be practical.

Strategy is just a plan of action. That’s all. In terms of results-oriented marketing and advertising, strategy is all about understanding the path the customers must follow, starting at the point in which they don’t know us at all and ending at the point in which they’re into buying something from us. Strategy is also the points in-between, as well as everything we should and must tell the customers in order to advance them from one point to the next.

And another word about strategy – it’s not worth much without tactics. When people talk about strategy, that usually entails slide-heavy presentations, densely printed multiple page documents, and all sorts of fantasies – and as the saying goes, paper (or Excel, or PowerPoint) doesn’t blush. We ourselves don’t talk about strategy without connecting it to tactics, to the nitty-gritty, to the way that it’s actually done: the infrastructure that must be built, the production of relevant content, the medium that’s best suited for the task, and the way this lovely story fits within a budget.

And speaking of budgets, do keep in mind that we can start with a fixed budget, but once there are results on the table and an ROI that meets your business goals, that’s where we stop talking about the budget and start talking about unlimited growth. #JustSaying

We’re not going to give you a nice presentation or colorful Excel graphs. We are going to build, together with you, a clear and exact action plan for you and your business, the kind that gets results.

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