Result-oriented Digital Marketing

Sponsored Advertising on Facebook and Google

Result-oriented Digital Marketing

Sponsored Advertising on Facebook and Google

The lethal combination of marketing savvy, creative thinking and technical ability

Tl;dr: We provide sponsored advertising services onall existing advertising platforms (and in the future, also on platforms that don’t exist just yet). That means we do Google, Facebook, Outbrain, Taboola, Linkedin, Myspace, Friendster, and if your business needs it, we’ll also do Stitch. We’ve been doing this for years, we’re very good at it, and we’ll gladly do the same for you.

Our diverse and experienced team combines a deep understanding of marketing, an abundance of creativity, phenomenal mastery of advertising platforms and an uncontrollable obsession for exact measurement of results.

And now in a bit more than a paragraph:

We work with all advertising platforms on a daily basis and know them like no other. They’re with us during our morning coffee and also just in time forthe final kiss goodnight (ours, since the campaigns never sleep… they’re funny like that). We dedicate time and effort to learn every new feature, every change and every update in order to get our clients results, and we even enjoy it (we really do, and we’re not talking masochism here).

The thing is, digital advertising nowadays depends on the ability to successfully use advertising platforms that may appear friendly at first, but don’t let Zuckerberg and Co. innocent smiles mislead you. If you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, Facebook, Google and the rest of the advertising platforms will burn through your pocketquicker than your average Las Vegas casino.

Technical control of advertising platforms is hardly enough

In order to maintain successful advertising, you need to combine technical mastery of the advertising platforms together with deep understanding of the target audiences, sharp creative work, and an encompassing strategy that outlines the way it all fits together. What’s more, you need to understand marketing, to realise what is the place your business and brand hold and where is the place you want them to be, and finally, you need to know how to bridge that gap using successful digital advertising.

Marketing starts and ends with the connection between the right audience and the right product at the right time

Every business and product have one or more unique audiences that must be reached with the message it needs to hear in order to react, become interested, inquire and turn into a customer. One thing is clear: impressions, likes, views, clicks, emojis, comments and leads add up to one big heap that has to be translated into your business’ bottom line.

In short, we’re here so that you won’t have to deal with it (unless that’s how you get your kicks, in which case who are we to judge?). That way you will be able to focus on other things, like providing service, running your business and developing it.

You Can't Succeed Without Connecting to Numbers and Results

Our service may start with digital advertising – on Google and Facebook, in videos, banners, posts, ads and all that jazz – but it goes deep into your business, in meticulous result analysis, in close daily inspection of the results on the sales floor, and in the feedback we will request and insist on getting in order to precisely optimize your advertising activity.

When we talk about a connection to numbers, we’re not talking about CTR and price per click.

Not that they’re unimportant, but we’re talking about goals: your goals, your business’ goals and needs, and what it takes to produce success. So we’re going to manage expectations in a very detailed way right from the get-go. We’ll define success in your advertising activity, understand how to measure it, and head out towards our target, with clear goals in front of us, a dagger between our teeth, war paint on our faces and other such clichés. OK, we might have gone a bit too far, but you get the point: we charge head first and full on, obsessively working until we get the job done.

How We Work

Introduction and Research

We're going to get to know your business and product better than your father does (unless he's a part of your business, in which case, forget everything we just said). We'll study your market and competitors in depth and map exactly what you need to do in order to win in your arena.

Goals and Strategy

Together, we'll define the goals you're interested in achieving with your activity (a billiard room and bean bag chairs are a goal like any other). According to your goals, we will plan a digital action plan that will strive to achieve them in the best possible way.

Lift off!

We'll prepare all the required materials you’ll be needing: interstellar copy, galactic design, audiences from outer space (unless your target audience happens to be on Earth), implementing advanced measurement tools and all the necessary infrastructure.

Ongoing Campaign

Ongoing Campaign


This is what we're interested in and what we work for all the time: achieving results according to the goals we've defined. Together with you, we'll work to analyze your results, understand what works and what doesn't, hone our strategy and continue to thenext goal in line.

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